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Our culture is an important part of our lives. We support all activities connected with our traditions. There is a folk group singing the songs from the region of the Upper Kysuce. They sing the song in the dialect of the village. Some traditional trades could be still found in the village, e.g. wood engraving, basket-making, Easter egg making and embroidering.

The village is also very well known from the work of Pavol Hrtús Jurina, Slovak writer. The communal representation started the competition Jurina´s autumn, in which pupils and young people present their work connected with ecology and countryside. Jurina´s work described the village in the beginning of the 20th century and life in the village. His work is strongly connected with the village and his descriptions are precise.

Another writer, who deals with the life and the traditions of the village, is Jozef Marec. His work is influenced by magic realism and it is written in the regional dialect of the Upper Kysuce. It is connected with the development of the village and with some regional legends.


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